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Joanna Meade, Sales Associate

Joanna is a full time personal trainer at Merritt Athletic Clubs Downtown location, and a part-time CrossFit Coach at Push511. She once was the second slowest miler on her high school track team, so she decided to stick to horses and swimming throughout high school and college. After spending her junior year of college abroad, she came back to Sweet Briar College in dire need of improving her stamina before the swim season started, so she joined the club cross country team and fell in love with running. After college she moved to Baltimore and started competing in triathlons. She completed a half-ironman, and then fell into the CrossFit craze. She has competed in numerous road races, triathlons, CrossFit-style competitions and just tried out her first Strongwoman competition. She has been working at Falls Road Running Store since July of 2012 and loves sharing her knowledge of all things fitness related.

I wrote the linked article a few years ago, and for the most part it is still accurate.