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Baltimore Area Running News 9/7/11
Falls Road Update

Some things going on at Falls Road this week, month, and down the road.

First of all, we are hosting a Fall Runner’s Social (re:Purple Passion Party) at Falls Road the Friday from essentially 4 until whenever, although the action shouldn’t get going until after work.  As the Ravens open the 2011 season, we need everyone’s help to paint the town purple. Show your spirit and spend Friday, September 9th decked out in your Ravens gear or proudly displaying Ravens team colors.

We will give a free pair of Brooks shoes to the most decorated female & male supporting the Ravens. We will give a free pair of Underarmour shoes away to anyone outdoing the Terps uniforms last Monday night. We will have live music, the Koopers Chowhound dishing up food, the Brooks Calvacade of Curiosities giving out literally a busload of giveaways to all runners checking out their display, special deals inside the store although that isn’t the main reason to come out.  Share your running war stories with like-minded old and brand new friends and enjoy the night!

Next, we will be supporting a group run around the Baltimore Marathon course on Saturday, September 24.  The group will depart the Pulaski Monument in Patterson Park at 7 AM.  Course lengths vary from ten to twenty-two miles, almost all on the Baltimore Marathon or Half Marathon courses.  Email an RSVP to so we can plan logistics.  The event is free, however we do accept donations to help offset the cost of bottled water, gels, and so forth.

Sunday, October 2 is the 3rd Falls Road 15K in Druid Hill Park.  The course winds all through the park, then exits to run through Clipper Mill and up and down Falls Road and the new bike path.  It looks like the city is going to charge us an arm and a leg to leave the park, so if you are looking for a great tune-up run for the marathon or half-marathon two weeks out, well, we would appreciate your support by running this.  You will see parts of Druid Hill Park that you never knew were there...even if you ran the previous two versions!

On a side note, I was “invited” to a meeting today with several city planners.  I had never been in a room like that with all the “planners” while putting together a race.  Anyway, I told them they cannot keep raising the fees and expect the organizers to pass those costs through to the runners because there is a limit as to what someone will pay.  Since I have been organizing events without sponsor backing for years, I know how slim those margins can be…and I don’t have to show a profit on the bottom line, just not a loss.  Though they cater to non-profit organizations, the non-profit is in the event business usually to make money for their cause.  So, if the city keeps raising the fees, the events go away…they either move or just stop.  This is not just road races, but the street fairs and bike rides and festivals that are getting dinged too.  So if they keep driving events out by raising costs to the point that no one will come, then the
city’s revenue from the event will become ZERO, while the surrounding counties will see the boost.  Oh well, that was my sermon for today.  I hope they heard it.

In November we are going to partner with the MAC to once again present a downtown Turkey Trot.  There are a couple tweaks to this year’s course that will make it a lot better.  Registration for that event opened today at
Registration also opened today for the Celtic Solstice.  This year the design will be multi-colored to match the colors in the shirt.  This year’s Brooks shirt is really, really neat, it looks like a standard base layer from the outside, but the interior has an extra layer of micro-fleece for those super-cold days…you will be able to wear this by itself on many a chilly run.  The web site is:

And speaking of websites, we are getting very close to an initial launch of our new site, which will be followed by an interactive community site later.  It will be a significant upgrade over our old site.  So stay tuned!

I wrote the linked article a few years ago, and for the most part it is still accurate.