Ten - Ten - Ten Run on 10/10/10

Meet at Canton Waterfront Park across the street from DuBurns Arena between 8:30 and 9:30 AM. The rules are as follows:

Distance: 10 Kilometers (6.2 miles)
Entry fee: $10.10  (bring the dime, since all change will be given in the coin of the realm, not bills!!!!!)
Free Entry: To all runners bringing a drivers license that proves that their birthday is 10/10/XXXX.
Starting time: Variable, you pick
Winner(s):  Runners finishing closest to 10:10:10 AM.  If no runner finishes exactly at 10:10:10 AM, then the closest finisher to that time will be declared the winner.  If two people are identically spaced on either side of the target finish time, then there will be two first prizes!
Winner - 10 x $10 bills
- If the winning time is within TEN second of the target (10:10:05 to 10:10:15) then the winner will receive a Timex Ironman
- If the winning time is within 1.0 seconds of the target time (10:10:095 to 10:10:105) then the winner will also receive the brand
Timex GPS Speed /Distance system with an MSRP of $300.
-If the winning time registers to depart at exactly 9:07:00 AM and maintains a 10:10 pace to finish at exactly 10:10:10, then in addition to the 10 x $10 bills, Timex Ironman Watch, and Timex GPS system, that person will also receive a free pair of shoes from
the Falls Road Running Store.

Rules: ABSOLUTELY NO WATCHES, HEADSETS, or ELECTRONIC DEVICES (iPHONE etc) of any kind.  This is so you have to judge your pace based on your training year to date.  No help from watches or smartphone apps..  Leave your electronic devices at home or in the car.  Anyone wearing a watch, iPod, smartphone, GPS system or other potential timing aid will need to tag the device and leave it at the registration TENt.  Determine the time

Race day registration only.  Maps and water on the course.